React or Meteor?

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Most common question for all startup clients and developers. Here, I am writing about this to clarify, what are the best practices to select right technology before any good start.

Meteor in 2 lines : Meteor is a Full stack JS web application framework, for real time applications, where users need quick response time after doing any action.

React in 2 lines : React is a strictly Front end javascript library, for quick responsive applications. It display data and create DOM elements that can be manipulated easily.

Best fitted for React:

  • Data metrics dashboard.
  • Little Time consuming but fantastic DOM handling for FASTEST application
  • Initial bundle of application loading much faster than Meteor. React only use required import and quicker.

Best fitted Meteor:

  • Building a new app, Great choice!
  • Use stable Blaze template engine.
  • ICommon type of functionality implementation & Lots of Available packages.

Never use React / Meteor for this:

  • Simple, 5–10 pages business brand website with initial Database connectivity, No need to use web apps framework such as Meteor. Here, WordPress, Joomla, custom PHP framework like Codeignitor, Cake PHP is more suitable to handle it to work with.
  • Not advisable for existing apps. Rewrite core logic & everything.

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