Written by Nayan

AMP – It is an open source initiative to make the web into better document format. AMP, as name stands, is used to speed up the mobile pages for better efficiency and usability. Now a day’s everyone use mobile and browse internet to view websites or documents on site. AMP is aimed at increasing the mobile page speed to load page in 2 sec.  It’s best fitted for Simple blogs sites, static websites and increases mobile ranking.

AMP is a forward step in improving mobile content system and have mobile pages load instantly. The main task of AMP is to get rid of JavaScript. Loading time of AMP pages is 3 – 4 times faster than that of traditional pages.  AMP always makes sure that no 3rd party JavaScript libraries are being used.


  1. Enhance page speed – It fastens up the page loading speed of documents on mobile.
  2. Support provided most popular 3rd party JavaScript libraries – Analytics, Social media as Facebook, twitter.
  3. Improve server side – Increase page speed which helps in reducing server time.


  1. Remove custom / 3rd party required Javascripts – AMP remove all 3rd party / custom javascript.
  2. Not Easy to install – AMP is not that easy to install for custom developed site, or even wordpress. Need to place tags and code manually.
  3. Ad revenue is reduced – Third party ads will be removed, right away from AMP.


If you have a small simple blog / static website, AMP is 100% recommend. Not advisable for user interactive website.

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