Which one is better, Native or Hybrid?

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What is a Native App?
A native app is an app build to support a particular platform iOS / Android. While writing code for native apps, have access to all hardware features offered by native code APIs.

What is a Hybrid App?
A hybrid app is simply an HTML5 app designed to work with a native platform as iPhone, within a browser view to properly display the HTML5 content using WebView.

Major Differences
  • Apps written in native code according to platform (for example iOS or android) which are connected to pages within a web view.
  • Need to be developed independently on each platform.
  • Apps are written in native code according to platform; iOS / Android.
  • Need to be developed independently on each platform.
  • Least expensive.
  • Utilize JS libraries.
  • Easier to debug application.
  • Easily provide appropriate interfaces depending on device.
  • Look and Feel is Static.
  • Device specific layouts always nightmare.
  • High dev & maintain cost.
  • Requires knowledge of both iOS / Android.

In the end, if you carefully look at the differences between both, hybrid apps are more targeted and widely used than native apps. There are lot of factors to be considered while choosing between hybrid and native app.

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