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The main concern which arises while developing a website is to choose the correct technology. At initial stage, choosing the correct technology is the main factor.
WP is an open source CMS. It is one of the most used choices for a variety of businesses. Almost, 20-40 % of world’s websites runs on WordPress. So a serious change to wordpress means significant change to web. CMS is very cost effective as it allows the content of the website for editing, deleting, modifying and publishing easily.
On the other hand, Node.js is an open source cross platform for easily designing and developing network applications. Node. js has accelerated the growth of IT market and developers have found a speedy way to increase profitable gains.
Benefits of choosing WordPress / Node.js:


1. WP is user friendly and cost effective – WP designing and development is cost effective. The site maintenance is cheap as there is no need to hire any designer / developer to change the web contents. You can do it yourself.
2. SEO friendly – WordPress is SEO friendly. You can easily install WP plugins to increase your website rank on Google indexing.
3. Update and Upgrade WP site easily – One can easily update WP site as long as internet connection is available. If your site is built using traditional platforms, then it would be difficult to upgrade your site. It’s everything needs to upgrade manually and time consuming.
4. Site security – Security of websites is a major concern now a days. In order to protect websites from hacking, many effective wordpress plugins can easily be found.


1. Real time applications – Node.js makes the running of coding faster both client side and server side. Easy to learn javascript and makes coding effective. Rich application with higher performance with best UX.
2. Node and MongoDB are best friends and work very nicely with each other.
3. Sync – Node.js solves the common web and network development problems by asynchronous I/O.
4. Socket in node.js – Web platforms normally uses, HTTP request and response to communicate with each other, simply called as data streams. In NodeJS, it’s very easy to handle streams and play with it like multi tasking for web without any interruption.


I would like to say that both wordpress and node.js are best suited as per application type. If you consider cost, developing a website in node is more expensive compared to wordpress.

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