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The main advantage of having experience UI developers and UX designers you can develop applications with the hired resources as and when needed for as many times as you want. The client has the fully freedom of tasking the User Interface developers and designers on all projects.

Our goal for web developing and designing is to get proper knowledge about your project. We are developing your service website in a manner so that your users can connect with website in an easier approach. Those who hired our specialized web designer from Lanover know that we are working with a good idea can work wonders. Thus we are putting workload on the development of nice framework and layout of your service website. Our affordable and dedicated designers are making certain that way to your website is easy and all the links that are visible and well located. These all factors contribute to grow the pleasant appearance of your website.



  • Use Sketch for prototype requirements.
  • Sapped look for your mockups.
  • Extensive set of UI controls.
  • Thought Connecter with client & Developer.
  • Create Interactive Prototypes.

Material Design

  • Collection of components using consistent design.
  • Resizable components for all the devices.
  • Easy to create design & layouts.
  • Show a grid, spacing, and key lines.


  • Quick mockups and less time to create design.
  • Lots of Free UI Kits.
  • Fast and easy interface.
  • Reduce duplication.
  • Top tool to Create different layout for responsive design.

Lanover has a brilliant team of UI designers that working exactly on client's necessities via its established design methodologies and skills. Our UI specialist preserve core expertise in CSS3, HTML5Flash, Indesign, Photoshop , JavaScript/ Dreamweaver, jQuery and other marketplace demanding application and design software.

When you are hiring graphics designers for your any project, then it is just like using the resources for your business. The only variation is which the resources you are hiring will be working simply and you are able to tell with them frankly for increasing the designing process and be clear from confusion and misunderstanding.

We are offering

  • Highly Dynamic and Responsive Website
  • HTML coding - W3C validated
  • Mobile app/site UI Development and Design
  • Responsive Web- Development
  • Modern UI Designs

Designing UX (User eXperience) through swift UI (User Interface) is a main need of user websites, mobile apps and web stores. To maintain an ideal steadiness between UCD (User Centered Design) and Information architecture that gives the great user experience is an art. It brings humane heart and an inquisitive, genuine dedication and a brilliantly logical mind to skill such pleasure as reality.

At Lanover the user experience design and user interface UI design development is rush around the user requirements. We are focusing on real understanding of the needs of the clients by taking their view before in the developing and working on our own home-work early starting the user experience design and user interface UI design development.

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Agile framework

  • Sprint - Scrum Master & Team
  • Brainstorming & Discussion
  • Backlog - Epics, Story
  • Releases

Domain Expertise

  • Accounting Software
  • REST API Developments
  • Multi tier application
  • Web Design - Maintenance

Strong Skillset

  • Strict MVC structure
  • Technical Documentation
  • Most Reliable
  • 100% coding support



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Design website for both young & old age groups. Instant insurance quote & comparison facility to help purchase online insurance quickly.

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